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Market Research is one of the most essential things to conduct before launching your business.

Market research can’t be done in an instant. In fact, this method might eat your time.

But everything’s worth it! Because the study of the market would enable you to determine your target clients, their needs, and your competitors.

Conducting comprehensive market research helps you achieve business success. Understanding your target customers opens opportunities for profitability and growth.

Most people would do the least market research. Around half of the business owners didn’t survive their fifth year of business, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you want to take a detour in your business, you might consider knowing the importance and steps of comprehensive market research.

Importance of Market Research


Here are the 7 important reasons why you should conduct comprehensive market research for your business development.

1. Spot Business Opportunities Right Away

Once you conduct market research, it’s now easier for you to determine your target market, where to sell your business, and what considerations you need to satisfy your market.

2. Less Business Risks

Market research will make you spot the common business development risks and weaknesses of other brands. From this, you can make them your avenue to create your own stepping stones toward the business growth.

3. Design Interesting Promotional Materials

If you did thorough market research, thinking of eye-catching captions and design will be much easier for you. Since you already know what your target market wants, you can address them right away.

On top of that, you are not only designing interesting promotional materials but you are also improving your business.

4. Know Where To Advertise

Small business owners often don’t know where to advertise. Through in-depth market research, you can advertise your business and gain high possible returns without damaging your pockets.

5. Satisfy Customers

Businesses that know their customers and address their needs correctly tend to win more in the field. Learn from the past mistakes of your competitors and develop your business with better solutions.

6. Aim For Better Goals

All business owners have goals set in their minds. Goals are like your drive in business growth.

With thorough market research, you’ll be able to know if your goals in mind are feasible and how to achieve them. Reshape your thoughts and aim for better goals.

7. Easier Decision-Making

Decision-making is one of the hardest things to do in business. It’s either you are risking something for better or worse. 

Market research will guide you in decision-making. In fact, after conducting comprehensive market research, decision-making will be easier than before.

Steps to Conduct Market Research


Now that you know the importance of comprehensive market research, walk the talk with these steps to conduct market research.

1. Know where to start your market research

Since you are new to the business, you don’t know what exact questions you should ask. You can start by searching relevant keywords related to your business.

If you are planning to make your own salon business, start by searching the words salon business or success stories of salon owners.

From these, you can collect relevant information and inspirations too.

2. Assess your budget and set deadlines

Let’s face it. In everything that we do, self and time management are important. Being lousy and mediocre won’t make you successful.

Assess your budget on how much you can spend on your data collection. Set deadlines too. 

Start promoting productivity with yourself so the rest would follow. 

3. Determine your method

You can start from scratches. But you should know that after scratches, you should have your solid method.

Learn the different methods that you can use for your data collection. Such methods are telephone calls, surveys, and focus groups. 

4. Conduct a sampling method

You may need to test your research on small groups of people so you’ll know the possible problems you’ll face in the future. Conduct a random sampling that is related to your target market.

In businesses, this can be related to dry run. 

5. Know your data analysis

It is important to know where to analyze your data. You may use software or do it hand-by-hand.

Organize your setup and take note of all the data that you need before jumping to the actual data collection. 

6. Collecting of data

After knowing the right questions to ask your sample market, you can now start collecting data. Some business owners seek help from professionals such as consultants or market research analysts for the best results.

7. Data Analysis

You may know your type of data analysis from the moment you gathered information about your research and to how you executed your tests.

Don’t be confused because if you conducted interviews for your research, you can start by transcribing their responses, doing interpretations, and categorizing them into general and sub-general themes.

Such data analysis involves statistical and descriptive analysis. 

8. Make your report

This is the final step to your market research. Create a comprehensive report and make sure you wouldn’t miss anything.

Include in your report the things that you gathered from the first step to the things you collected from your samples.

Remember that even the smallest things contribute to your research. Make the best out of it. 


Indeed, market research is a must in business. Make market research your key for your own business growth. 

You can pass it to others so business owners would be able to survive their fifth year or sixth year this time.

Don’t be afraid to start. Conducting comprehensive market research is an integral element in business.

You may feel overwhelmed but always trust the process. You can never go wrong with conducting thorough market research.

In fact, you don’t need everything. You just need to determine your target market and your competitors. 

Start your learnings from the things that other businesses have overlooked. From those things, you can fly high on your own business.

Now that you understand the importance and the steps for market research, you may focus on growing your business.

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