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As you grow, you realize that money dominates almost everything. Like the food we eat, essentials, bills, investments, and many other things. It’s no wonder why the online space is bombarded with a huge chunk of resources about how to make and save money.

Good thing, social media has been an accessible platform to help everyone learn basic money tips and make their life much easier with proper financial management.

Furthermore, there are thousands of finance bloggers in Asia that give financial advice to almost every kind of individual around the world. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, housewife, student, or professional, you’re sure to bump into the right resource for you.

Finance bloggers are popular these days. If you haven’t checked any of them in the past, we have listed the top 10 finance bloggers in Asia to help you get your money habits right!       


1. Afford Anything

If you are a working millennial who wants to make money work for you, this site is a must-click.

Afford Anything is a movement on affording anything but not everything. It’s a site for unconventional and smart people who control money and not the other way around.      

2. Brokepedia

Perfect for Millenials, even if you are still a student who doesn’t want money to be the boss of your future, Brokepedia is a perfect site for your financial literacy


3. Current on Currency


If controlling your budget is your number one problem, this site is for you. Current on Currency takes pride in getting finances under control especially to college students or people who are in their 20s.

For finance analysts, the age of 20 is the best age to make investment decisions. Hype your finances and enjoy the unending rewards later in your life!


4. Debt Free Geek


Having a blurry path for your future? Worry no more because Debt Free Geek will help you clear your paths and let you stay focused on your financial goals in life.

This site for anyone, regardless of age, who wants to change their lives for the better. 


5. Filling the Pig


If you are someone who wants to have a simple guide in managing your cash flow, Filling the Pig might interest you.

It’s a site that teaches the basics of money and makes it easier to understand. It lets you start from the beginning such as knowing the basics, getting educated, taking your thoughts in a different manner, and saving money.


6. Financially Alert


Don’t want to be a slave of money until you retire? If you are in your 20s, a working millennial, or a working mother, Financially Alert might be a help to your financial freedom.

This site will teach you to pay more attention to your finances. Let yourself be inspired, motivated, and enjoy tangible resources when you start reading this blog.


7. Frugal Asian Finance


If finding a blog with organized and informative content, Frugal Asian Finance is for you. This site covers blogging, finances, food, investments, relationships, and has podcasts too!

Regardless of age, may you be someone who is starting to learn about financial freedom or someone who took a better look at money management and investments later in your lives, FAF is just perfect for you.


8. I The Corporate Slave


Tracking your finances is one of the most important ways for better financial management. This blog will make you think about where you put your expenses and help you realize the importance of being financially responsible and alert.

If you are someone who works at a fixed schedule every day, check I The Corporate Slave now and change your insights about life.


9. Living Rich Cheaply


Experiencing life in New York might sound expensive to you. Worry no more because Living Rich Cheaply is a site that teaches you to live with the help of your own expenses.

It may sound hard but upon reading this blog, you’ll realize how to bake your own cake and be the one to eat it.



10. Ready To Be Rich


If you’re finding a finance blog in Asia about investment for beginners, Ready To Be Rich might help you in this matter.

You don’t want to work for the sake of paying your bills. This blog will lead your financial direction to the next level.

From changing your mindset to having multiple sources of income, it will be easy for you to achieve financial freedom. Start in your 20s and take your step toward full-blast financial independence.



Top 10 Finance Bloggers in Asia

Financial literacy is a must today. As bills continue to pile up, make sure you have the right knowledge to keep yourself firm. There are thousands of blogs you can read and help you achieve financial freedom. Such resources enable you to educate yourself in just a few clicks.

It’s just a matter of making yourself ready for the future and sharing the culture with your family and friends.

The choice is at your fingertips so make the best investments today and start from yourself. You can never go wrong with delayed gratification and enjoy the unlimited rewards later in your life. 

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