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Social media has a strong influence online and even offline. Essentially because of its number of users, its wide reach, and the features it offers.

In this article, we’ll learn what social media is about and the opportunities it creates.

And if you’re searching on how to grow your social media followers and how to manage it for your business, Read on!

Social media is a digital tool that allows its users to quickly create and share content to the public. It also involves virtual interaction, communication, and collaboration anywhere around the world.

Aside from its personal use, social media applications are also utilized for networking and career opportunities. One of the best and easy ways for promotion is through social media marketing.

Of course, when you grow your social media, it has its downside.

People also experience stress and anxieties because of the negativities that circulate online. Plus, there are also risks regarding privacy and security. 

But when managed properly, these can be avoided and social media can be put to good and effective use.


Huge and Diverse Audience

One of the reasons why people like to use social media is because it allows them to create content and share it with the public.

There are now 4.48 billion active social media users in an estimate, which is about 57% of the global population. Considering this, it is indeed faster to reach a huge audience with less effort through social media.

Easy To Use

Social media sites are user-friendly since most have similar modes of use. But for instruction, there are guides and tutorials on-site and even off-site.

Articles and video tutorials on using different platforms are accessible online in just a few clicks.

Free and Affordable

Almost all social media platforms are free but expect to see ads if you use them for free. This is to support the free program the platform offers.
If you want to avoid ads and have more access to their premium features, there are also affordable subscriptions, especially when you subscribe for a longer-term.

Increase Brand Awareness

Reach your target audience effectively and increase your brand awareness. Social media is a great platform for sharing content that reaches your target audience faster and easier.

Boost Customer Engagement

Engage with your customers by being active. Constantly post and respond to the comments and queries in your account.

Unlike traditional media, social media gives you the opportunity for two-way communication. This will build up the followers’ interest and, eventually, their loyalty as customers.

Great Channel For Retargeting

Social media is a great channel for retargeting. You can monitor those who showed interest in your page and products so you can keep an eye on them.

Even by just showing slight interest, consider them as your potential customers. Show them more of what you can offer through ads to boost their interest and eventually become your customer.

More Influential

Social Media is not just a trend anymore. It has become part of our lives.

About 57% of the global population is using social media, which has become part of their habit. Its influence and the ability it gives to its users to influence extends not only online but even offline.


1. Be at the right platform

You don’t have to be on every social media platform to ensure growth. Simply knowing which platforms work right for your objectives will do.

To do this, you have to understand their differences, their features, users, and determine how it can help the presence of your business.

2. Create your own profile/page and complete the details

Create your own profile/page where it shows the complete details and information about your business.

More importantly, check if it’s accurate and don’t forget to keep it up-to-date.

Aside from giving your potential customers readily available contact details for you, this will also help establish your business credibility.

3. Examine your competitors

In business or in social media, examining your competitors is not bad, as long as you don’t completely copy what they do. This is important as it is one of the ways to see business success.

Familiarize yourself with their content and activities to establish a better grasp of what you need to do. This is also an opportunity to create your edge as well as a better idea of what to improve on.

4. Share valuable and creative content

Your followers would want to see engaging content from you. Establish your brand by sharing valuable and creative content.

Share your own content, but not all the time. Try the 70-20-10 rule in posting.

Seventy percent of the time, share content that will add value and build your brand. Twenty percent for other posts and ideas related to your content, and as much as possible, only allot 10% of your time for promotions.

This is to give more emphasis on what your followers would want to see and to build trust with them.

5. Be consistent with your visuals

Sharing other content doesn’t mean sharing whatever there is. You do not want your site to be all over the place, so are to your followers.

To avoid this, share related content and add visuals to make it more enticing. Be consistent with your visuals by choosing a certain aesthetic or color theme to follow.

6. Widen your connections

Widen your connections by following influential people within your industry and establish relationships with them. Talk to them or message them about the event and tell them that you are excited to learn more from them.

This is a good strategy to grow your following.

Since they have already established their reputation along with their followers, it will be a big help if they endorse you on social media.

7. Leverage paid ads and sponsored content

Although it was mentioned earlier to allot only 10% of the time for promotions, continue to leverage it. Paid ads and sponsored content is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience and engage with potential customers.

8. Be your own community manager

Social media management is not just about posting and acquiring followers. It extends up to engaging with your audience.

Reply to comments, answer queries, and react when you are mentioned in a post to gain even more followers.

Acknowledge not only their interest but build connections with them and prolong it. This will eventually make them follow for more, purchase from you, and recommend you to others which is effective to grow your following.

9. Run contests and giveaways

You’ve probably encountered or even participated in a contest or giveaway on social media. Now that you are about to try it, know why it is more than just the prizes.

Here are 6 benefits of running contests and giveaways on social media:
Affordable advertising
Rather than traditional marketing, contests and giveaways are more affordable yet still effective. You can use your product surplus or a few of the limited access to your service to leverage for another benefit-generating use.

Generate brand awareness
Aside from your product as a prize, you can also hand-out information about it or your business as a whole. Generate awareness by intriguing your audience about your brand and show them more of what you have in store for them.

Distinguish yourself from others
Show-off your brand uniqueness by demonstrating a specific skill. Reminding your audience of your specialties gives you an edge over your competitors, which is an essential part of marketing.

Attracting new audiences
Gain additional exposure by extending your reach to your target audience. Contests and giveaways are a great way to do it.

A chance to win something heightens the interest of the audience, and it gives them more reason to follow you.

Increase sales
Once you have built your brand awareness and gained more followers, there will also be an increase in your sales.

As you discover more people who are interested, next is to prove to them why your product is exactly what they are looking for.

If the winners are satisfied with your product, they will most likely purchase more and even attest to others. This will not only effectively increase your following but will also generate more sales for you.

Increase engagement
Another way to increase engagement is through contests and giveaways. This will increase your shares and followers, but you should not stop just yet. Connect with them and be responsive through the comments, reactions, and mentions.

Make this last so your followers will also stick around and would want more from you.

10. Create a social media community

Since you have already discovered your potential customers, those who joined the contest and giveaways, it will be easier to create a community.

You can start with the contestants, and from there, they might also share it to their family, friends, and followers.

Building a community is important because it brings up the talks about the contest/giveaway, the product, as well as to your business. Plus, building a solid one will further go a long way.

11. Outsource

As you grow, maintaining a solid community can become harder, and running your own social media could be tedious for you. When you have a goal, it indeed becomes a full-time job that requires time, effort, and at times, money.

Of course, great effort comes with great results. But you can still achieve it even without your actual effort. How? -Through outsourcing.

Outsourcing is being done by different businesses to achieve their goals with less effort from them and more from the third party. The third party, which is the service provider, boosts the company’s productivity by performing high-quality services in a cost-effective way.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should Outsource:

Save your time from the constant attention you need to allot to grow your social media presence.
Save money for your business through outsourcing to have an entire team that will cost you less than hiring full-time in-house specialists.
Have access to the experts and improve your operations through their knowledge and strategies.
Have access to the industry-leading technologies that will boost your promotions and maximize your potential.
Aside from social media, you can also upgrade your marketing through multimedia or by creating a website.

You can leave all these complex tasks to the experts and receive the full benefit by utilizing outsourcing.


Social media has grown wide and influential, with its users growing about 13.1% each year. It’s not only for entertainment but it has become part of our everyday life because of its essence and its benefits.

Although it has downsides, these can be avoided through proper management.

To avoid stress and anxieties because of the negativities that circulate online, in social media, you have control. Filter what you only want to see and remove what is inappropriate and unnecessary. 

Regarding the risks on privacy and security, there are available software to avoid these. Or if you have your own website, you can hire experts in website security for protection.

Maximizing social media can bring lots of opportunities to you personally or to your other endeavors like in business, for example.

Social Media as marketing strategy is very effective because of its wide reach and range of features.

It’s easy to do the basic steps to grow your social media. However, frustration may build up when you’re growing slow, while anxiety may rise when you’re overwhelmed by the growth.

Just like any other goals and passion, consistency is key to grow in social media.

In starting, your growth may seem slow, especially when you’re doing everything on your own. Then as you grow, your responsibilities will become heavier because there are more to manage and maintain.

No worries because there are ways to avoid these frustrations and anxieties. Leverage the presence of available services to manage your business and achieve your goal effortlessly.

Outsourcing all the work is the best option. Seek help from the experts and have more time to do other productive works for your business.

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