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How an Academic Institution Powers Up Education with E-Learning

Thousands of schools are strategizing to advance their education and maintain the quality of education amidst the pandemic. 

Given the value of education, it cannot stop no matter what. But COVID-19 has a way of giving education a brand new meaning, and schools, teachers, parents, and students alike have no choice but to keep up.

From synchronous where students are required to have classes face-to-face, to asynchronous learning where technology and modules became the source of learning.

Online education was introduced all over the world as an alternative. Although other countries are having online classes even before, the pandemic became the number one reason for the global use of online education until now.

There’s no doubt that e-learning allowed schools, like the Marian College of Baliuag, to continue their operations and bounce back from the pandemic.

From using the traditional way of learning back in 1993, MCB took a bet in E-Learning to provide the quality education that students need.

In fact, after a year of pandemic, MCB didn’t stop, not even a single loop, in providing quality education for everyone.

The Hassle of Having a Culture Shock


Long before MCB advanced its education through e-Learning, teachers, parents, and students experienced stress before being able to adjust to the new normal learning.

From being used to checking the students’ papers, quizzes, and activities, there was a culture shock.

Mr. Ken Lordian Derla, a teacher from MCB, knows the hardships of all the academic stakeholders. Some teachers and students are not techy when it comes to using gadgets, but to achieve quality education, they’re obliged to adjust. 

As a teacher at MCB, the hassles and the struggles of students were too evident. His students can’t focus while having face-to-face classes and sometimes, they would forget their deadlines for their school-related activities. 

The students’ focus is cut to halves. 

On top of that, he needs to check the students’ papers one by one. Before shifting with E-Learning, almost 200 papers are due every day. 

“As we go through face-to-face classes, we observe that students aren’t taking notes. What they do is – ask their classmates who took notes and have a copy of them. As their teachers, we need to be patient as well especially when checking them and their activities.”

He admits that those were one of the greatest challenges MCB has faced. Not until the school advances its education with e-learning.

Transitioning to E-Learning


E-Learning simply means electronic learning. This is a type of learning where there is the actual use of the internet through gadgets or devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. 

E-Learning is an avenue for schools that don’t promote pressure on students. In fact, e-learning in education has been the alternative option for schools especially today with the presence of the pandemic.

There are benefits of e-learning that will shock you. These includes:

  • E-learning will save you time and money
  • E-learning keeps you away from toxic learning environments
  • E-learning makes you more focused and motivated
  • E-learning is a reputable kind of learning system
  • E-learning allows you to set your own goals while being smarter

These are only a few of the benefits of e-learning. There are more benefits you’ll discover for both the teachers and students.

While at MCB, they are enjoying E-Learning with the help of Estatoora in managing and organizing the data through a system called Estatoora Learning System

“Estatoora explained the features that we need in E-Learning. We can have presentations, visual face-to-face meetings with the students, and the system is automated. Those were the essential points that we need to adapt to the new normal education. Indeed, Estatoora is a total package firm,” shared Mr. Derla.

It allowed MCB to ease the workloads of teachers and students since EleSys is the one who makes activities and quizzes through the use of Google Services, computes the grades, and many more.

Synchronizing with the New Normal Learning


Seeking a partnership to adapt your school to a new management system is commendable. Especially if you aim for the best education for the students inside your school. 

The things that you need to consider are if they are feasible, worth the effort, and make your success their priority.

As Mr. Derla said, “There should have a quality learning management system where the workloads for the teachers will be easier. At Estatoora, exams are made easier and if you request to have a copy, you can have it by just doing a few clicks. Students are being notified as well of their activities. Estatoora was able to detect whether the student is doing his activity or not. Everything you need [in E-Learning] is at Estatoora.” 

In cases of the new normal learning and the pandemic, MCB has its assurance that they will continue using the EleSys since it gave a big impact on the school.

From having a total of 200 students, MCB achieved a total of 500 students after using EleSys. That serves as proof that E-Learning is the new normal learning.

E-Learning in the Future


If you are wondering if e-learning will still be useful in the future, definitely yes!

E-Learning isn’t only used during a pandemic, but is also perfect for schools that want a healthier and pressure-free learning environment. They get to enjoy benefits while having a work and family balance in life.

The possibility of e-learning in the future is seen as technologies tend to develop from time to time. Its use and effectiveness became visible, no wonder why e-learning became feasible to many.

MCB adapted e-learning so they get to experience free Google Services training by Estatoora and they can use it for a lifetime. 

“If I have a say, we will continue to utilize the services of Estatoora especially its LMS. Estatoora provided us perfect tools to use in our teachings and it taught our students about professionalism given the fact that they are still young,” assured Mr. Derla.


Advancing with e-learning is a choice. But if you pledge to deliver quality education and a healthier learning environment, there shouldn’t be more second thoughts. 

Schools need to be adaptive to continue their teachings. They can’t stick to a stiff learning management system since students are bound to learn more every day.

There are firms that can provide professional assessment in terms of utilizing the right learning system for your students.  They can also give you relevant business solutions that are beneficial for your institution, teachers, and students.  

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