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Keeping your workplace clean and refreshing creates a big impact on your productivity.

Let’s face it, good hygiene and clean workplace impacts work performance. According to  research published at ResearchGate, a clean office environment is important to achieve maximum personal productivity. 

Employees may be healthy and fit to work but that doesn’t mean they can’t get sick too. Recovering takes time. And it affects the overall workforce. 

In fact, sick days cost businesses $225.8 billion annually in the United States. Productivity is interlinked with work performance and if employees are not healthy, this would result in absenteeism and productivity loss. 

To keep cleanliness and proper workplace hygiene, you must be conscious enough of yourself and your co-workers as well. Daily interaction is inevitable and proper workplace hygiene should be practiced.

Below are the advantages in your work performance when you keep cleanliness and promote workplace hygiene:

1. Influences employee satisfaction


Keeping an organized place to work is a good stimulator for your brain. It’s easy to work with a clean space and a clean space means more places to work.

Productivity is attainable when employees are satisfied. A maximized work performance comes next.

2. Establishes good company reputation


Good workplace hygiene gives you extra confidence in the workplace. You don’t have to worry if a visitor comes to your place unexpectedly.

It adds up to the reputation of your company. Cleanliness at work attracts more clients.

3. Prevents the spread of diseases and risk of accidents


Cleanliness at your workplace promotes a healthier environment. You don’t have to worry about getting diseases when you go to work.

Of course, this lessens the risk of accidents. You just need to maintain cleanliness from time to time.

4. Reduces stress, anxiety, and lack of focus


When you work, your environment affects you. Imagine working on a table with spilled coffee and cluttered papers, you can’t focus on your work.

These add to your stress at work. Remember that too much stress can be anxieties and productivity loss and you don’t want that to happen.

5. Conducive for learning and creativity


If you have workplace hygiene and maintain cleanliness, your workplace becomes a stage for productivity. 

You’ll enjoy working and every time you finish a task, you feel satisfied.

6. Reduces absenteeism and boost employee engagement


Employees get sick so they take leave of absences. Keep in mind that you can always prevent incidents that may affect your work performance.

If you don’t want to have a bad record at work, workplace hygiene is the key. Maintaining cleanliness also boosts employee engagement.

7. Creates a culture of respect and discipline


Being professional includes workplace hygiene. By that, we mean cleanliness at work. 

Workplace hygiene makes your employees gain respect and discipline in your workplace. This habit becomes a culture and everyone might carry it for a lifetime.

To build a culture of cleanliness and workplace hygiene, here are the tips you may practice now:

Put clean habit signages in common areas


The first thing you should consider when promoting workplace hygiene is to think of something easy to start with.

You can start by cleaning the places prone to contamination such as the washroom, pantry, and work desks.

As much as possible, put trash bins in areas that are accessible.

If you can’t find a near trash bin, put your trash inside your pocket or bag and you may throw it after.

Promoting cleanliness should start with you. 

Clean habit signages also play a big part in workplace hygiene. They keep you reminded every time you see them at a certain place.

This is a good start as well since being busy at work may sometimes make employees forgetful. 

You may put clean habit signages in the washroom, pantry, and work desks.

Sample signages are, “Keep Area Clean”, “Before You Leave, Take a Minute to Clean”, or “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work.” 

Make it a habit to remind yourself that cleanliness is important and it maximizes work performance.

Make sure your cleaning supplies are always available


After you put signages, of course, you should start stocking up cleaning supplies in your storage room.

These cleaning supplies make the task easier. 

When an emergency happens in your workplace such as an employee accidentally spilled a coffee, you can just pull out a well-stocked trolley and clean the surface.

Also, seeing these contribute to your cleaning energy. Check out these cleaning supplies and make sure they are always available for maximum productivity and better work performance.

Hire people to do the regular cleaning


Hiring people to clean is a good idea. This would help maintain cleanliness since these people focus on maintaining the area clean and refreshing.

Employees would be more conscious too because they would feel that they need to take care of their own places.

Hiring people to clean also means that you are helping these people get a job and promote cleanliness.

Sooner or later, they’ll carry the culture and pass it down to the generation next to them. Always zoom out and look for the bigger picture.

Encourage employees to practice good hygiene habits


The last tip for you to practice workplace hygiene is to encourage employees to do it. 

A clean workplace promotes maximum work performance. You can’t think twice about this one.

Starting with your employees will result in a full-blown clean area at work. 

Remember, you can’t enjoy workplace hygiene alone.

Conclusion: Impacts of Workplace Hygiene

Workplace hygiene should be considered at work. It contributes to the health of the workforce.

A healthy workplace takes fewer unhealthy employees. 

It’s easy to think of a goal for a clean workplace. But everything needs action so walk the talk.

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You should know that you can be professional through cleanliness, not only acing a certain task or being an effective employee at work.

Clean and organized people tend to excel at work. On top of this, their habit of being tidy results in good work performance.