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Working from home sounds like a dream for people who are tired of morning traffics and rush hours. But in reality, working from home contributes to body imbalances too if you don’t stay active.  

Let’s face it, your body isn’t designed to sit all day. But because of the pandemic, you are required to stay in the comforts of your home. 

As weird as it may sound, but staying healthy while working from home is hard and may even harm your mental health. There are still possibilities that you may experience stress or distress depending on your work setup.

But you don’t need to wait for these stresses to happen to you since mental health is as important as physical health.

To avoid these body imbalances that you might experience in the long run due to working from home, you need to stay active. You can perform a home workout or invest in home exercise equipment.

Below are the benefits of staying active while working from home.

Why do you need to stay active while working from home

Staying active while working from home benefits your energy levels, work productivity, sleep quality, and overall health. 

Doing home exercise to stay active improves brain function on handling stress and staying calm. It gives you glowing skin and helps to debunk the monotony of working from home.

On the other hand, staying active has unique problems like you can’t stay active when you’re demotivated. Your working environment may affect your productivity too.

So, you need to compose yourself, rearrange your work from home setup, and reshape your thoughts into work positivity. 

To do these, we listed 9 best practices for your to try out to stay active while working from home.

1. Get up every hour and sneak in extra movement

When working from home, you’re focused on your tasks at work and you may forget to sneak in extra movement. You may sneak in extra movement every hour.

But if you’re impatient and love to move most of the time, one of the best ways to remind yourself to move is to use the Pomodoro Technique.

In Pomodoro Technique, you need a timer where you break down your work into intervals, making each task last 25 minutes each.  

Get up and perform frequent movements to keep your brain active while working

2. Do a little stretching on your desk from time to time

When you work, your posture is important. You can’t work with a slouched posture so rearrange your work from home tools and setup.

Stretch while you work too. Sometimes, working from home sounds exhausting so it outshines the idea.

­By doing stretches from time to time, you destroy the lazy vibes. You can perform these exercises if you want to:

  • Drop your head to your chest
  • Sit up straight and tuck in your chin
  • Do 90 degrees circular movements using your head
  • Cross arm stretch
  • Interlock your fingers with palms

3. Don’t work near the kitchen

Working near the kitchen could divide your focus and attention and increase your appetite. You’ll be tempted to indulge with extra snacks.

It’s fine to have break time during work, but having too much may lead to unproductivity. 

Instead of working in the kitchen, work far from it. You can work in your living room or in extra spaces in your house.

Determine where you can work with maximum productivity. You can place a glass of water and snacks beside your table so you can still enjoy break time when you work. 

Don’t forget your tummy too.

4. Dedicate time to exercise

Dedicating time to exercise when you work from home helps you stay active. So organize your schedule prior to Mondays. 

Exercises help improve your thinking, learning, and judgment skills that you can use when you work so commit to exercises now. 

Direct your mind every day to workouts. You can work out early in the morning, during your break time, or every after you work.

5. Stand while having a conference call

Start practicing to stand while you’re on a conference call or talking to your boss. Standing improves your thinking and creativity.

In fact, standing activates your senses so it will be easy for you to grasp agendas during a conference call. 

This also makes you feel like talking to someone face-to-face so your attention is 100% sure and present.

6. Buy home gym equipment if possible

Investing in home gym equipment sounds better. Given this situation of pandemic, your gym subscription may be cancelled.

So buy home gym equipment if possible. Choose the right equipment for your body.

Here’s a list of gym equipment you might consider adding to your cart:

7. Set work breaks

A Pomodoro Technique is still useful. Set work breaks for every 25 minutes of work so you won’t feel loaded.

Prioritize your mental health during this unprecedented time. You can eat snacks, work out, or do something that energize you more.

You can consider roaming around your house too. Cleaning and organizing contributes to an increase of mood so try them out and feel satisfied.

8. Join an online workout class

Signing up to online workout class is an option too. There are hundreds of workout classes online today so don’t miss out.

Your options can be yoga, pilates, and many more. You’ll get a chance to interact with other people too so you’ll feel a real-time experience and connection.

Always keep up with your physical and mental health. Here’s a list of best online workout classes you might consider signing up.

9. Socialize face-to-face as much as you can

Don’t forget the importance of socializing face-to-face even if you’re working from home. You can still meet people near your area or schedule an inclusive meeting with your friends.

Don’t immerse yourself too much at work. Socializing helps improve your mental and emotional health.

It increases the quality of your life, promotes purpose, and lessens burnouts.

Set timeouts and do what makes you happy and free.


Millions of employees around the world today are on a work-from-home setup so staying active helps lessen the stress and burnout.

Staying active isn’t limited to going out or traveling. You can read thousands of blogs online about health tips, such as how you can manage your emails so it won’t cause burnout, so you might want to check them out!

There are hundreds of alternative ways to stay active inside the comfort of your home.

Start by doing frequent movements, investing in home gym equipment, or signing up for online workout classes.

Choose to stay healthy, be productive, and active while working from home.

Prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional health as you prioritize your tasks at work. Remember that you’re a human with limits and boundaries so create a space for yourself too. 

Working from home creates extra time for yourself. Doing so may require you to learn new skills for your chosen industry. Aside from this, it is a good extra revenue stream.

There are ways for you to start your business and generate more income while on work from setup. If you want to pursue your business ideas, we have plenty of resources for you: