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Starting your business is like riding on a roller coaster. There could be risks in terms of products, market, competition, and sales execution.

Through the fast development, thousands of advanced business ideas and solutions have emerged to face these risks.

The use of SAAS software and SAAS applications plays a big role in the wide range of network marketing today.

SAAS applications offer different services such as email automation, customer relationship management, and many more that can help businesses grow quickly. These only offer one specific service that you might need for your business.

But, have you ever heard of an all-in-one tool in a single SAAS software, which offers all the services you might need for your business automation?

Here comes Ontraport

Ontraport is an all-in-one SAAS platform designed for business organizations who want to improve their business automation strateg. The software is built to help them understand, market, and manage their online business activities.

It also allows them to manage their client records, email marketing, digital offers, and other business automation services in one place.

Ontraport Features

You can experience the following features to start your business automation journey by signing up with Ontraport’s 14-day free trial.

  • Collections-where all your data will be stored, organized, and shared, such as your contacts, emails, landing pages, and campaigns.
  • Editors where you can create, design and customize all your assets such as emails, landing pages, forms, postcards, and many others through canvass and palette settings.
  • Campaigns– where the heart of all of your automation lies.This includes assets, segmentations, and conditional logic that will make up your automated business journey.
  • Tracking– helps you find out all the important data Ontraport collects from your business, such as sales, etc. that you can use for smart planning and marketing.
  • Application Programming Interface (API)– lets you expand your power by connecting your Ontraport account to a wide range of business automation tools.

What do I need to get started?

To start your business journey with Ontraport, the first thing you’ll need is your desktop browser and a stable internet connection to go on

  1. Once you’ve landed on Ontraport’s homepage, you can sign up to start your free 14-day trial. It is advised that you try its features with its free plan before upgrading to its paid plans.
  2. Later on, you will be able to know what plans are offered by Ontraport and how its services are different from each other. For now, let’s focus on exploring the features of Ontraport with its 14-day trial account.
  3. up for their 14-day trial by entering your business email. Once you’ve entered your business email. just click on “Start your free trial”. 
  4. It will then bring you to this page, where you need to enter your name to move to the next step. Click “Let’s Get Started” to move on.
  5. Put your desired password for your account. Your password must have at least 8 characters, one lowercase character, one uppercase character, and one number or symbol character. 
  6. Click “Next” to move onto the next step or you can click “Back” if you want to change something in the previous steps. 
  7. After that, you need to identify what kind of products you are selling. Pick the necessary categories that are related to your business. Once you are done just click “Next” 
  8. After that, Ontraport will send you an activation email. Go to your email and on the message click on “Activate my free Trial”.
  9. It will redirect you to the login page of Ontraport. Log into your account using the email and password you set earlier. 
  10. Once you’ve logged into your account. Finish the final setup of your account by filling up the needed information about your business.
  11. After that click “Next” and you now have your free Ontraport account. Remember that you only have 14 days to explore the features of Ontraport with this free trial. 

If you want to maximize your free trial I recommend you to read more of this article or enroll at Estatoora’s Boost your Business Growth with Ontraport Course that is available on

How do I use Ontraport?

Let us have a walkthrough of the basic steps you must do with Ontraport.

Set up your Contacts

  1. Once you activated your account, it is totally empty. So, the first thing you need to do is to set up your contacts. 
  2. To set up your contacts just go to the “Contacts” tab by clicking it on the top left of your dashboard. 
  3. Once you are on this page, you can now add your contacts. Click “+New Contact” to add a new contact. 
  4. You need to fill up the following information needed to identify that specific contact. Once you are done just click it will be automatically saved to the contacts page.

You may acquire the information of your contacts through the following:

  • Past records from your business
  • Visitors of your landing pages
  • Response to the forms from your landing page

Create your Landing Pages

Landing pages will be a tool that you can use to interact with your customers. It is a tool where you can introduce your business to your potential customers. The idea of a landing page is to turn visitors into customers.

  1. To create a landing page go to the “Pages” tab by clicking it on the top left of your dashboard. 
  2. Once you are on this page you can now create your landing page. Click on “+New Landing Page” to start editing your landing page. 
  3. You can create your landing page from scratch or use a wide range of pre-built landing pages by Ontraport. 
  4. The Landing Page Editor is consists of canvass and layout options (left side). The canvass is composed of columns and rows where you can add elements from your layout options. 
  5. Editing landing pages using Ontraport is very simple. You just need to click and drag the elements that you want to include on your page. 
  6. You can modify each element by clicking on them and changing its attributes using the options on the left side of your dashboards such as link, icon, and position. 
  7. Once you are satisfied with your final design just click on “Publish” which is located on the top right of the dashboard. Or if you want to take a break from editing just click “Save” and it will save your progress.

Once your Landing Page is live you can check its progress from time to time by clicking on “Stats”. 

Create your Forms

  1. You can add forms to your landing pages in order to have better engagement with your online leads and customers.
  2. It will help you collect their information as well as their preferences that you may need to improve your business development strategy.
  3. To create forms on your landing page simply click and drag “Form Fields” under “Form and Sales” elements. 
  4. Choose and add important fields you want to include on your forms such as name, last name, email, and address. 
  5. Once you are done customizing your form you can save it by clicking “Save” or publish it with your landing page right away by clicking “Publish”. Once it is published, it will now be live on your website and will start to collect responses from your online leads and customers. 

Create your Email

An email is a tool that can help you communicate with your customers. You can use Email to send important messages as well as receiving feedback and concerns from your customers.

To create an email with Ontraport click “Messages” under the Campaigns tab.

For this instance let us explore how to create a simple mail. If you want to learn about the other email editors just check out Estatoora’s Boost your Business Growth with Ontraport course at

  1. To create a simple email, you just need to name your message and add your content. You can use the main toolbar to customize text and formatting. Basically, you are like editing a text in a word document.
  2. Once you are done, Hit “Save” and your email will be sent or saved in your archive. You can schedule when an email will be sent to specific contacts or groups of contacts. 
  3. Lastly, you can check the engagements of your email by clicking “Stats”. 

Create your Automated Campaign

Having an automated campaign will help you monitor what is happening in your business. 

It will also help you improve your customer relationship management by changing strategies or steps that are dependent on the data gathered from the users.

  1. To start creating your new campaign, Go to campaign tabs and click “+NewCampaign”.
  2. You can use the premade template by clicking on it or start from scratch by clicking the “Start from Scratch” option.
  3. To add elements to your campaign map, Click on “What Happens Next?”
  4. Then click on any of the following options to add them.
  5. Once you’ve decided what step you want to add to your campaign. You can now edit its attributes by clicking on that item. 
  6. In this case, we choose to send an email. Click onto it and you can edit it using the settings option on the left side of your dashboard. Once finished simply click “Done”.
  7. Once you are done finalizing its contents. The red dot from the start of that item will be gone. The red dot means you need to fill up the necessary information on that step. 

In case you want to re-arrange the steps on your automated campaign, just simply click and drag the “Move” icon of the element you wish to move. You can now navigate it around your campaign map and change its place.

Once you’ve got your campaigns already set up with no loose ends and all elements are configured you can now click “Save and Publish”.

Continue exploring Ontraport by trying out some of its other features and complex campaigns that you can adapt for your business. 

Or you may want to check out the available course about Ontraport at to acquire advanced knowledge about this SAAS application.

Ontraport Pricing

The 14-day free trial of Ontraport lets you experience its features as an all-in-one business automation tool.

If you already had the chance to explore the power of Ontraport and want it to be your new partner in your business growth here are the different plans you can avail of.

Ontraport offers a diverse range of plans that will suit the needs of a start-up business up to an enterprise. They offer their services on a monthly subscription basis.

Basic Plan

The cheapest plan offered by Ontraport costs $79 per month. It provides the user 1,000 contacts and an unlimited number of emails send. It also includes the following features:

  •   Contact segmentation
  •   Lead capture
  •   Lead nurturing
  •   Automated follow-up
  •   Landing page personalization
  •   Goal-based automation
  •   Automated re-engagement

This plan is good for start-ups up to small businesses that have enough funds and want to invest to improve their business automation.

Plus Plan

The plan costs $179 a month. It provides the user 2,500 contacts and unlimited emails. The features of this plan include:

  •   Custom metrics dashboard
  •   Lead routing and scoring
  •   Automated partner payments
  •   Free WordPress hosting
  •   Cart Abandonment automation
  •   Payment gateway integration

This plan is good for midsize businesses that have funds and want to invest to improve their business automation.

Pro Plan

This plan has its features combined with the entire “Plus plan” features for $297 per month. It can cater to 10,000 contacts and send unlimited emails. Its unique features are:

  •   Custom Objects
  •   Campaign performance projection
  •   First and last-click attribution tracking
  •   UTM link generator
  •   UTM tracking
  •   Lead source tracking
  •   Marketing ROI tracker
  •   Free email consultation

This plan is recommended for midsize businesses to large-scale businesses that have lots of online leads and customers to cover.

Enterprise Plan

This plan costs $497 a month for all the “Pro plan” features and includes a dedicated account representative. It can cater to 20,000 contacts but unlike the other plans, it has a restriction of 200,000 emails you can send per month.

An enterprise account would be a good choice if you are a company that aims to automate your business. It will be a good asset for your company since this plan can cater to a large number of contacts and includes an account representative.


Every business has its challenges and struggles. You can’t be successful without these challenges. It will teach you lessons on how you can improve and adapt to the situation.

And this is what Ontraport offers. It will help you improve your traditional business development strategy and will always help you adapt to the fast-changing behavior of the market.

Take a leap of courage and restructure strategies in your marketing, advertising, and sales.

To start, you may focus on investing knowledge and growing your career.

As you take your own steps to it, you may start learning about business innovations and start gaining skills in management, and digital marketing. Sign up for our free online courses here!

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