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The sea of content and product trends has penetrated almost all digital platforms and it has become really hard for eCommerce businesses to stay afloat. 

But, not in the case of the dropshipping industry. It is one of the most effective and income-generating businesses today. With powerful tools like AliDropship, you are set for success.

Dropshipping is a global trend today since thousands of businesses are starting online and digital buyers or online shoppers are seen to climb up to 2.14 billion in 2021.

So, how to dropship?

How Dropshipping Works

Common times, when you start to think about putting up your business, you want it to be quick to start, low cost, and easy to run. 

Let’s get started with dropshipping.

Dropshipping starts from simply posting your products on an eCommerce platform. You can have your own website to do it.

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Remember that the products you’re posting aren’t yours. They are from your suppliers.

What you do is take pictures of them and provide descriptions of each product. 

When a customer gets interested in your product, he places an order and pays for it. 

Then, you are going to contact your supplier and place the same order as your customer. You’ll ask your supplier to deliver the order to the address that your customer provided in his details.

After that, the customer will receive the order and a good deal has been done.

The dropshipping process is easy and it helps you save more time while you’re enjoying tasks.

Why is Dropshipping Profitable

If you want to make dropshipping profitable, you need to consider every products’ price. To know your profit in this business, get the difference between the cost of your own purchase and the price or the money you asked your client.

While the process of dropshipping is friendly, you might be asking what are the pros and cons of this business.

Don’t worry because below are the pros and cons of a dropshipping business to help you decide:


  • Dropshipping is a more feasible type of business for newcomers

It’s easy and simple to set up. You don’t need to experience a headache while operating this business. 

Plus, most of the job is done by your supplier so you don’t need to worry that much!

  • Dropshipping makes you handle assortment on your own

At dropshipping business, you aren’t pre-ordering items so you can add anything you like in your product lists. You can also change the product offer if you like to. 

When choosing products for your store, you can consider adding your interests too. This is to make you feel that at some point, you own the store and just to add uniqueness.

Dropshipping lets you try to sell hundreds of products in your own store and you can decide to narrow them to a category or niche later on.

  • Dropshipping offers you the time to strategize and grow your business

Since you work at your own pace, you can enjoy all the time you want thinking about how to make your business more profitable. 

You need to catch potential and loyal customers to keep your business running. It means that you need to buy time on marketing, advertising, and promoting your store.

Don’t worry because all the shipping and management tasks are done by the supplier.

  • Dropshipping helps you save sums of money

You don’t need to rent a warehouse after all since you don’t own the products. You don’t need to buy stocks or restock on your own because all these things are done by your supplier.

You only spend your money on a product when a customer has placed an order for it. 

  • Dropshipping leads you to wider audiences

Since you’re posting on an online platform, either to social media or to your own website, you can reach hundreds to thousands of audiences.

With dropshipping, your business has the potential for an international and global reach no matter where country they live and what language they speak.

  • Dropshipping makes you free and independent

You can drop ship anywhere. Even with your mobile phone, laptop, or computer. In this field, you can work on a remote set up and you will not have a specific location.

You can spend working on your hobbies and living the life most people dreamed of. 


  • Processing orders can become difficult

Since the products are out of your hand, processing orders may be difficult on your end.

  • Incomplete product information is problematic

Your supplier provides all the information for each product. But sometimes, there are products with incomplete information.

You can’t take a picture of your product as soon as possible when your customer asks for it. This can be complicated.

  • Customer service issues

When a customer complains, it will be directed to you. Since you don’t own the products, you need to redirect the problem to your supplier.

So the process will take slower than usual.

  • Competition is everywhere

Dropshipping business became a global trend today so expect that you’re not the only one having this type of business.

You are not only competing from local businesses but with global businesses too.

How to Start Your Dropshipping Business

Now that you know how to dropship and its pros and cons, you can now start your journey in dropshipping.

We listed the steps on how to start your dropshipping business at AliDropship.

Note: Estatoora is using an affiliate link and we can earn when you purchase using the link at AliDropship.

Step 1: Find your niche

Choosing the right niche for your dropshipping website is a must. What you want to do is to have initial research. 

Here are the possible things to consider when making your research:

  • Popular stores
  • Offerings
  • Best selling lists and promoted products
  • Daily deals

These things will give you ideas and information to choose what niche you would like to start with your dropshipping business.

You might consider popularity and trends too. Focusing on high-demand products will ease your journey. To get an idea of your selected niche, just go to Google Trends.

Step 2: Choose a domain name and hosting provider

You’ll use your domain name forever so think about it. Choose a professional and relevant domain name.

In choosing a domain name, avoid long domains (2-3 words is the best choice) and domains with digits and hyphens.

Domains with .com are advisable since they are seen as trustworthy for online stores. 

For hosting, there are almost tens of thousands of companies to choose from. You may consider the WordPress platform since it’s on a lightweight script that’s compatible with all quality web-hosting companies.

Step 3: Install WordPress

Install WordPress in your web server (hosting). It’s a free and open-source content management system (CMS).You can download WordPress from its official Download Page.

Step 4: SetUp AliDropship Plugin

The AliDropShip plugins offer a complete set of features that you will need for your dropshipping website. Plus, it includes a FREE version of WooCommerce

It’s easy to search and add products by specifying categories, keywords, purchase volumes and other filtering options to find the best products. 

You may download the plugin here.

Step 5: Fill your store with products

Through the AliDropship Plugin, importing products is made easier! There are no limits on the number and type of products you would like to import to your website.

You can take advantage of the free and low-cost delivery offered by thousands of AliExpress sellers.

Step 6: Promote your dropshipping business

This is one of the keys to dropshipping business. Promote your store and generate more income.

There are several effective channels of online promotions for this. Here are some of them:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • SEO
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Step 7: Earn with your site

After knowing the fundamentals, it’s time to start earning with your site. 

Find the best and trustworthy supplier for your dropship clothes, accessories, toys, and many more!

Through the AliDropship Plugin, purchase the item of your customer at AliExpress or your supplier and enter your customer’s shipping details.

Then, the AliExpress seller handles the rest of the work.

If you’re ordering at AliExpress, it’s advisable to inform the seller that you’re doing a dropshipping business. This way, the seller won’t include invoices and promotions to the buy


Dropshipping cuts the unnecessary work when receiving orders. At AliDropship, your dropshipping business is quick and easy.

If you’ve never tried handling business before or you’re an entrepreneur who wants to generate extra income, AliDropship got you covered!

Start your dropshipping business with AliDropship today. Each seller has references you can use when choosing the right suppliers for your business.

Some of these references are AliExpress product quantity, niche popularity, trusted supplier, price setting aspects, trends, Instagram promotions, Facebook promotions, keyword analysis, competition overview, keyword competition, SEO competition, and huge retailers.

You may also download their Dropshipping Guide to have a full guide of dropshipping business at AliDropship.

Now that you understand the fundamentals and the steps for dropshipping business, you may focus on investing knowledge and growing your career.

As you take your own steps to it, you may start learning about business innovations and start gaining skills in management and digital marketing. Sign up for our free online courses here!

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