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Are you getting tired of your usual strategies for social media marketing?

Or are you starting to run out of business juices? That amidst your hard work, you can’t seem to meet your target market? If so, you are reading the right article.

Without consuming much time and effort, you can increase your business reach and engagement using your Pinterest account with the Tailwind application for FREE!

We’re introducing you to the Tailwind application that is a free marketing tool that utilizes the potential of the use of social media for a business by default. 

It can be associated with Pinterest, considered the 14th most popular social media platform having 478 million active monthly users as of July 2021. With this number of active users for a 14th-placer,  the use of social media as a marketing strategy is one of the best options for an online business.

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What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is an application that offers features that meet the needs of bloggers, eCommerce, and website owners. It is also capable of automatically posting your “pins” in your Pinterest account at the time when your audience is most active through its Smart Scheduler. Of course, you can do the Pinning manually, but if there’s any better option to do your work, why not try it?

Currently, these are some of the services that the Tailwind app provides:

  • Smart Scheduling
  • Pin Editing and Creation
  • Communities
  • Weekly and Monthly Analytic

How to use the Tailwind application?

Creating an account is the first step in using the Tailwind app. This can be done by linking your Pinterest account. This “Sign Up” feature can now be used for Instagram users.

How to smartly pin and schedule pins using Tailwind?

The Tailwind application has a Publisher tool that allows users to easily pin their content. This tool is capable of scheduling such content at the time where the user’s audience is most active, via Smart Scheduler, as mentioned.

With the use of the Tailwind Chrome extension, you can pin and add to any picture, regardless of its location online, to any of your Boards. All you have to do is to look for the Tailwind application logo in your chosen photo. 

The Smart Scheduler automatically posts the pins when they are due, which saves time and effort for the users. 

Regardless if you are a newbie or an old Pinterest user, Tailwind will recommend the best times for you to post your pins. 

These time slots are also based on the time zone you preferred. It could be yours or your target market.

Pinning has never been this easy and convenient. In just a few clicks, your pins are ready to be posted.

But you may also opt to upload your own photo and pin it via Tailwind Create which will be discussed next.

How to create pins in Tailwind?

Tailwind Create offers three ways to create your pin. These include Upload Photos, Stock Photos, and Site Photos.

Regardless, the Tailwind application will allow you to customize and personalize your photo before officially adding it to your ”Schedule” pins. 

Once done in selecting your photo, by default, you will be asked to choose a design. Afterward, you may add some texts and/or shapes to it or leave with its design.

Even if you’re not that graphically skilled, you can still add your personal touch to the pin you are working on with Tailwind Create.

Transform your pin from this…


…to this.


Make this thing happen using the Tailwind Create tool.

But if you are not that satisfied and want to further improve your pin, you can also use Visme and PicMonkey instead. 

And if you are not that familiar with these yet, visit Course Estatoora and enroll in the separate courses of Visme and PicMonkey.

How does Tailwind improve web traffic?

Just like what we usually do in our lives, if we want to have more friends, we join certain groups or organizations. 

In that manner, speaking for individual and organizational gain, our connections grow through time. And this is just like the concept of Tailwind Communities, one of the primary tools of the Tailwind application. 

Tailwind Communities allows users to join communities who share most likely the same content, ideas, and preference as them when it comes to online business/marketing.

The members of Tailwind Communities support one another which is a big factor in improving web traffic. The members of the community re-pins fellow members’ pins in their own Board. 

By joining in any of your preferred  Communities, you are subjecting yourself to a bigger environment. You are joining a bigger family to help you reach your common end goal: to improve your web traffic and help fellow community members improve theirs.

Start small…estatoora-Pinterest-marketing-with-tailwind-03…and grow big along the way through Tailwind Communities.estatoora-Pinterest-marketing-with-tailwind-04

How to measure growth using Tailwind?

If you are wondering how to determine if you are performing well and your web traffic is improving, the Tailwind application has an answer for that, too. It has its own two analytics tools intended to keep track of your record.

With its Weekly Summary tool, you can monitor your growth for the past seven days. It measures the numbers of new followers you have per day and even the recent comments on your pins

But for in-depth analytics, the Insights tool will do that for you. It will show you even details in graphs, such as the new followers, the pins, and re-pins you had for the entire month.

What is the Cost of Using Tailwind?

If you are now more than interested to invest in Tailwind for your social media marketing, you have to know what is the cost of doing so.

Tailwind applicationcurrently offers four subscription plans. These are Free Forever Plan, Pro Plan, Advanced Plan, and Max Plan. Such plans can either be paid monthly or annually.

  • Free Forever Plan is the suggestive subscription plan for the new Tailwind application user. It offers tools that are essential as you get started. This plan costs $0/month, regardless if paid monthly or annually.
  • Pro Plan is a level higher than the Free Forever Plan. This subscription plan costs 14.99/month if paid monthly. But if paid annually, it only costs $9.99/month. This plan offers tools and features that can help you in building your brand.
  • The Advance Plan, on the other hand, has advanced features for growing multiple brands. It costs $29.99/month if paid monthly but becomes $19.99/month if paid annually.
  • And lastly, the Max Pro Plan. This is the costliest subscription plan Tailwind offers, which is amounting to $59.99/month if paid monthly. But it would become $39.99/month if paid annually. The reason behind its price is because it offers unlimited access to managing multiple accounts.

Wrap Up!

Taking all that into account, Tailwind application is indeed a game-changer. It saves time, effort and even lessens your disappointment regarding your web traffic. 

This all-in-one marketing tool associated with your Pinterest account can help you maximize your online business presence.

How to master Tailwind?

If you find this tutorial helpful, great! But if you want to master how you can utilize Tailwind application, you can enroll at Course Estatoora and look for “Social Media Marketing Using Tailwind”

This course will help you gain knowledge to have mastery in using the Tailwind application for your social media marketing.

Here are the things that you would learn as you enroll in this course:

  • The Basic Tools of Tailwind – this will discuss the basic functions and features of the Tailwind application
  • First-Time Experience in Using the Tailwind Application – this will give you a walkthrough on what to expect as you explore Tailwind for the first time. 
  • Detailed Discussion of Subscription Pricing and Plans – this will give you a more thorough explanation about the differences in price and features among the subscription plans that Tailwind application offers. 
  • Step-by-step Tutorial to Set Up Your account – this will guide you to properly set up your account and help you start your Tailwind journey more conveniently. 

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