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With competitions left and right, starting a business is like getting through the eye of a needle. Taking another step in growing your business traffic is another factor to consider because there is a big HOW?  

Have you thought of integrating your business on Pinterest? This only costs a little effort and you would not need to gain more followers before getting high traffic.

Pinterest is a social media platform where users can browse and post pictures, videos, and even GIFs. This is where most people go whenever they want to get some inspiration and ideas. Whether you are a seller already or a potential seller, this tutorial will teach you how to use Pinterest wisely.

You can access wide ranges here on Pinterest by entering keywords. Just like hobbies, finance, and fashion. This also has exclusive features like home feed, pins, and boards and somehow acts as a search engine

How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest works in different ways. Some are the following:

  • Discover and save ideas. Pinterest contains numerous infographics from various pinners where you can get ideas for your plan.
  • Pins from both Pinner and Businesses. Aside from what you can see here on Pinterest. You can also upload your own ideas in the form of images, videos, GIFs, you have an option whether you want it to be redirected to your website or not.
  • Pins go to the board. Your saved pins will go here on board. You can create multiple boards, depending on the category.

Pinterest helps business owners to:

With that, you can start to use Pinterest for promoting your business. You can also interact with individuals who are looking to buy something.

Pinterest Community

According to Pinterest’s data collection for 2021, over 8 million pinners are actively engaged with automated content.

Eighty five percent of Pinners said that Pinterest is their first choice in creating new projects, while 45% of US people are on Pinterest with a household income over $100,000. 

That is the size of your target market that can spend money on products they find on Pinterest. They can also buy one of your brand’s products with the right marketing strategies. That is why Pinterest is great social media for a business to use. 

Business Account

One of the strategies for social media marketing here on Pinterest is that you must first create a Pinterest business account. 

How to create a Pinterest Business Account?

Once you are on the Pinterest website,

  1. Click Sign up on from the top-right of your screen
  2. Click Create a business account
  3. Enter the required data (email, password, age)
  4. Click Create account
  5. Fill out Build your profile, then click Next
  6. Fill out Describe your business, then click Next 
  7. Click Done

A Pinterest account for business allows you to experience additional services like:

  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Rich Pins
  • Promote pins via Ads
  • Increases brand credibility
  • Recognize upcoming trends 

Features of Pinterest

For Pinterest to properly do its purpose, you must also be familiar with its features. This helps you to explore Pinterest for your social media as a marketing strategy that will increase your business traffic.  


Pinterest boards help your company increase visitors to your blog, website, or e-commerce store. Details like the board name and description will be added to your board. These will influence how the pins you make on that board appear in every user’s Pinterest search results.


Pinterest has more than 200 billion saved pins. If you want to attract people’s attention, you must personalize your pins. So, when Pinterest users type a term that matches your pin, it will be emphasized.

Before making Pins, you must remember these key points:

  • Use a high-resolution photo
  • The text overlays tell people what the pin is about. 
  • The pin ratio is 2:3
  • Pins on feed are 238 pixels wide
  • Pins will expand to 735 pixels when clicked on
  • Apply colors that will resemble your brand

There are different ways on how to create a pin:

  • When you are on the main platform:  you will see create on the menu section, then click create pin  [Menu sections > Create > Create pin]
  • When you are on your profile: click the add button, then choose the pin option on the menu. [Profile >  Add button > Pin]

You can use PicMonkey and Visme in making your pin more attractive to the users as it improves your graphics. If you want to gain knowledge about the said tools, you can access those courses for FREE on

Rich Pin

What Rich Pin has that Natural Pin doesn’t have is…

  • Bolded text SEO title: the title of your post  
  • Post SEO description: add up keywords that result in greater engagement
  • Pin description: the description that talks about your pin

There are types of Rich Pins you can use on Pinterest:

  • Product Rich Pins: give your pin the most up-to-date pricing, availability, and product information.
  • Recipe Rich Pins:  provide a title, serving size, cook time, ratings, diet preference, and ingredients.
  • Article Rich Pins: adds title, description, and author of the article from your website. 

Schedule Pins

Schedule pins are similar to tools developed for publishing on multiple social media sites just like Tailwind. You may easily plan a large number of pins for up to two weeks in advance on Pinterest’s schedule pin. This allows you to save time and less effort regarding posting your pins regularly.

Video Pins

Video Pins will play in your audience’s feed shortly after it appears from now on. So make sure to produce a video that is visually appealing without the use of sound or music.

Why Use Pinterest for Business?

What makes Pinterest unique as social media for a business is that Pinterest is user-friendly. It is because the users are your target audience and these will lead soon to be your buying customer.

Some of these are:

  • Users may post, store, organize, and manage photos
  • Users can explore other people’s content in their feed
  • Users can personalize their experience
  • Pinterest is a free website 
  • The Pinterest pin is linked to business websites

Since you must consider your target audience, make sure that your pins are user-friendly. Also, consider their analytics. For example, if most of your analytics come up that they are using mobile, consider making your pin mobile-friendly.

Here on Pinterest, you can also use hashtags and keywords to increase your traffic, you can pin consistently to make sure you are on the front page of Pinterest. Consider using Tailwind as a scheduler for easier pinning.

Optimizing your Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest Profile

Since you are already using your Pinterest business account, you now have access to business analytics, tools, and advertising. Now, ensure these simple ways to optimize your Pinterest business account.

  • Choose the right keywords and phrases in your Pinterest profile bio.
  • Create optimal Boards for the most important keywords and phrases you want to target.
  • Make certain that search engines can find your profile.

Pinterest Boards

Your Pinterest board name contributes to optimizing your profile for keywords and phrases. It also assists individuals in finding and following the boards themselves.

  • Aim to build one board for at least your top ten keywords and phrases. 
  • Rearrange your boards often based on what is on the trend

Pinterest Pins

Adding keywords in Pin’s title, description, destination website, image filename, and your ALT descriptive text optimized pins. You can add hashtags as it helps you reach your target audience more. This will contribute to increasing their presence on Pinterest and Google.

Pinterest Analytics

One of the features that have a major contribution to optimizing your social media branding here on Pinterest is Pinterest Analytics.

Pinterest Analytics can help you analyze your total Pinterest presence. It displays the most popular sponsored and organically generated material on Pinterest.

This feature of Pinterest contributes to your future content and ideas as you get insights from Analytics. For instance, you see that most of your impressions are on mobile, then make sure that your next content is mobile-friendly.  

By this, you can:

  • Review your overall performance
  • Top pins
  • Top boards
  • Metrics. (Impressions, Engagements, Saves, Outbound clicks, etc.)
  • Filter your data

Pinterest together with other Online Platforms for a Business

Aside from the above-mentioned features of Pinterest, you can also connect your Instagram and Youtube here. This will increase the chances of people interacting with your brand. People will now have the possibility to start following you and become your potential consumer

You can add your verified website to your pins. So, you will be able to track your pin’s metrics that are linked to your website.

Aside from that, you can also claim and connect your other social accounts like Instagram and Youtube. Resulting in more exposure of your pins from your Youtube and Instagram accounts. 

When you started to claim your account:

  • You’ll be able to view the actions done on that pin and link that information to your Pinterest profile.
  • The pins will be included in the number of monthly visitors to your business profile
  • Users will be redirected to your other account that is associated with your pin. 
  • You can drive more traffic and grow more audience on both your Pinterest and other social accounts. 

You can also use other tools while using Pinterest for the betterment of your business. Here are Visme, PicMonkey, and Tailwind where you can all enroll for free at Course Estatoora!

Pinterest and Tailwind

Tailwind is a great Pinterest marketing toolkit. This toolkit lessens the time and effort you allot for your social media marketing. This is a scheduler that can increase traffic, leads, and purchases for your Pinterest account.

As you integrate Tailwind on your Pinterest account, you can have constant pinning without manually doing it by Tailwind’s Publisher. This can be done during your best times when you can get the greatest engagements

You can also use Tailwind Create to create your pin. This is just like an editor where you can add text, filters, and designs-just like PicMonkey and Visme.

On Tailwind’s weekly summary, you can monitor your Pinterest’s follower growth, the added pins, and comments, and repin growth.

Additionally, you can check your engagements by going to Insights. As compared to the weekly summary, this gives you a whole month’s insights. This also shows a graph regarding your follower gains, pins, comments, and repins growth within the last 7 days.

Tailwind Communities is where bloggers, eCommerce, and online business owners that you have the same interest are in. Through this, there is a better chance to increase your engagement as each member of the community helps to repin each member’s pin. 

Wrap Up

Taking that all into consideration, Pinterest is such a life-saver for all business owners who are wanting to drive more traffic. 

It only costs a small effort and not a single penny for you to do this. Above all, you must still think about exploring this platform that will lead you to master it. 

Take a leap of courage and restructure strategies in your marketing, advertising, and sales.

To start, you may focus on investing knowledge and growing your career.

As you take your own steps to it, you may start learning about business innovations and start gaining skills in management, and digital marketing. Sign up for our free online courses here!

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