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In these trying times, it’s normal that we feel unproductive. We can’t go out like the usual Monday mornings where we rush ourselves in the office, check emails, bumping all the work hassle.

Productivity doesn’t only mean getting things done or beating the deadlines at work. Small progress is still work productivity.

You don’t need to pressure yourself. In fact, by just checking your emails, you can boost your work productivity.

An email has become the most common digital communication method. Since it’s easy to use, there are over 4 billion people using email.

More than half of the world’s population now uses email for their businesses or daily transactions.

Since email became a reliable tool, this also contributes to stress.

Plus, people check for emails almost every day of their lives. This may lead to a loss of work productivity and you don’t want that to happen.

So worry no more! We listed the best tips for you when checking emails to enhance your work productivity. 

Even if you’re working from home or in the office, these tips will work for you. You’ll be excited to check emails now!

1. Don’t check emails as soon as you wake up

Admit it, checking your phone as soon as you wake up has become a personal habit. You can skip checking your emails while you’re on your bed.

Check emails once you’re done with all your morning rituals. You don’t know what’s in your email so skip that.

Not everyone wants to see an urgent task or a notification on your upcoming bills. It affects how you balance your workday. It stresses you out long before you reach your actual work desk.

Check for emails after.

Prioritize your morning rituals so you can focus more and increase your work productivity.

You can start by reading a motivational quote or bible verse to be encouraged throughout the day. Fixing your bed boosts your mood as well.

Just be smart to do the things that cheer up your morning. An email that’s not urgent can wait so check the email later.

2. Set a dedicated time during the day to respond to emails

Check for emails when you are ready to respond. Set at least 2 hours during your workday to check and respond to emails. 

You can even check emails every 3 hours. Turn off notifications and only check emails when you’re ready to commit some time to it.

Unless it’s urgent or you’re waiting for something, you can already close your email platform after that or just leave it in a new tab so you can focus on your other tasks.

There’s no problem with that. You can’t just work and check emails from time to time.

Keep in mind that everything that’s too much is bad. Think about your mental health too and learn to balance things for maximum productivity in the workplace and time for yourself.

3. As much as possible, segment your inbox daily

Remember to check for emails when you’re ready.

Set your inbox according to urgency. You should know that email platforms are customizable and you can choose to prioritize emails.

Label emails according to your choice. 

You can also set reminders so you can respond to emails as soon as possible. 

You can always have other mails on the archive if you’ve already attended to them. As much as you can, empty your inbox before you leave.

Check emails during your dedicated time because a clean inbox adds up to your work productivity so start filtering them now!

4. Always set an out-of-office reply whenever you’re on vacation

This is to avoid others from bombarding you with so many follow-up emails. Don’t worry because you’re not being too hard on this matter.

Check for emails after your personal time.

You should know that your work shouldn’t eat your life. Leave a space for your own leisure time so check for emails that are not urgent later.

Reward yourself as well. This would compensate for all the hard work and efforts you put through.

Balance everything for maximum work productivity.

5. Draft a good email at all times

To avoid getting inconsistent and redundant replies from colleagues, always make sure your emails are concise and to the point. This helps you save time and energy.

Check for emails with good responses online and make them your basis.

Try to sound more friendly and conversational. This would light up the environment.

Write short and concise emails, too. What you send comes back to you so always be mindful in sending your replies.

You may aim for a lightweight email so when you check email, you enjoy what you do and you boost work productivity as well.

6. Leverage on your email management platforms

These tools can help you get rid of email subscriptions and non-work-related emails. You can also use these tools to schedule responses.

Check for email and customize your email platforms too.

A sample of this is Gmail. In Gmail, you can schedule responses whenever you want.

You just need to compose a response, click the button next to the send button, select a suggested time and date, and click schedule send.

Just like that, you can schedule a response to your email and you can continue working or enjoy your rest hours.


Checking emails may sound heavy in the mind. You can still check for email every day but don’t let it affect your mental health.

Making yourself productive is not as easy as you think. 

Reshaping your mindset may help. Condition your mind before negative vibes control you. If you are focused and mindful, you can achieve maximum work productivity.

Start by organizing yourself and the way you use email platforms. Check for email validity too.

Prioritize yourself especially today where COVID-19 is still present. Remember that any amount of progress equates to productivity so don’t be too hard on yourself.

You’ll get there and you can still learn while trying. Set priorities and boundaries so you can still be contented with what you do!

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