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Online stores make a lot of money these days and there is little wonder why.

Since people are able to shop 24/7 all year long, what’s not to love about it?

Add to that the fact that online stores have made the entire process super simple and fast. And you’ll understand why shopping online is so successful.

Let’s face it. People are busy these days so they prefer to log on at 2 a.m. and order birthday or Christmas presents for loved ones. It’s understandable why they would prefer this over going to the mall.


The Many Advantages of Online Shopping

Although some people are concerned about files and financial information being hacked and identity theft, the truth is that if you find a reputable company, they will make certain that your information is extra secure.

Companies take all of the necessary precautions to keep your information safe but that isn’t the only advantage of shopping online. Other advantages include:

  • Better prices. Online stores have to have the best prices in order to be competitive, with the customer benefitting the most.
  • Super-easy experience. Even non-techies find online shopping a breeze.
  • More variety. You can literally find anything online, and the items are rarely out of stock.
  • No crowds. It is never crowded to shop in your living room!
  • Absence of salespeople. You can shop freely online without high-pressure salespeople.
  • Convenience. You can shop whenever you feel like it!

Although people have concerns about shopping online, the truth is that millions of people shop online every day of the week. So if you have a business — especially a business that sells a product — you’ll need an online store.

And if you think that it’s complicated to improve your online sales, think again.

All you need are some helpful tips and suggestions and you’re on your way to being a successful online marketer.

After all, there’s no point in reinventing the wheel. Instead, you can learn from companies that are already successful and imitate their successes.

If you’re finally convinced that you need an online store but you’re not sure how to get started, below are some tips you can utilize to make the process a lot easier:


Choose the Right Online Platform

Online selling requires the right platform but the truth is that you have more platforms than ever before. Although a lot of online retailers dream about putting their products on Amazon or eBay, you do not have to go this big just to get the big results that you want.

Some of the most successful selling sites now include:

  • Alibaba
  • Bonanza
  • Craigslist
  • eBid
  • eCrater
  • Etsy
  • Newegg
  • Rakuten
  • Ruby Lane

These aren’t all of them, of course, but it’s good to know that you have a lot of selection when your goal is to create an online store.

Regardless of what your product is, you can find something that will have you selling like crazy in no time.

If you haven’t heard of some of these sites, you may want to research them in order to find the one that is right for you. The ones that are less well known might be a good place to start because they’re cheaper and you can still enjoy success from them.


Implement Lead Capture Tactics to Create a Customer Database

A database of customers is going to be your most important lead tool and it doesn’t take long to start building one. If you want to know how to increase sales, a customer database is one of the easiest ways to do this.

From popups to inquiry forms, surveys, and special software that helps you capture the data you’re looking for, you can get a personalized solution when you research the different methods. Some of this software includes programs such as:

  • Exit intent popup
  • Facebook lead ads
  • Interest-based offers
  • Homepage email capture
  • Landing page software
  • Lead magnet landing pages (e.g., giving away free content)
  • Native Email Capture (using Wix, Shopify, etc.)
  • Sticky top bars or sticky popup bars
  • Typeform

This database is going to be worth more than gold to your business because these are existing and prospective customers. Because you’ll be adding to the list continuously, it can mean more customers than you know what to do with.


Show Off Customer Testimonials

When customers give you great reviews, go ahead and do your part to show them off so that you can show the world how good you are. After all, good reviews mean you’re doing something right and you should be proud of that.

You can easily create a testimonial page on your website and list the reviews there. They go a long way in instilling confidence in prospective customers so that they too can start purchasing from you.

Your testimonial page doesn’t have to be anything fancy, either. Just list some at the end of a page or on a page all on its own. And of course, you’ll want to get permission from the people who have left those testimonials before you include them on your website.


Display Security Badges

Since everyone is concerned about online security, you’ll want to show some security badges on your website that let people know that you take Internet security seriously. This may not seem to be a sales strategy but it’s indeed a very effective one.

After all, people may be hesitant to purchase something from you without first getting some type of assurance that they can do so without having their credit card numbers stolen.

Any type of display you can include on your site to show customers that you take their safety and security seriously will go a long way in attracting new clients on a regular basis.


Provide Fast, Reliable Customer Support

Customer service that is lacking in any way will cause you to lose customers more quickly than just about anything else. Answering inquiries via phone or emails or inquiry forms in a prompt manner shows customers that you care about their business.

And if there’s ever a problem or complaint with a customer, it must be resolved immediately. Customers should never feel as though they are being ignored or that you simply don’t care about a problem they are having with one of your products.

Whether you deal with retail or wholesale customers, those customers are your boss and it helps if you think of them this way.


Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

No discount card or sales price will do you any good if you don’t compensate customers for products that don’t work the way they should. If it’s at all possible, you should offer a money-back guarantee for all of the products you sell.

You don’t have to do as the mattress companies do and offer them money back if something happens to the product after years of use. but offering a money-back guarantee shows that you have confidence in your product as you’re willing to compensate them for something that really isn’t their fault.

Even if it’s just a 30-day money-back guarantee, this is a lot better than ending up with an unhappy customer. It would make you anxious if they tell everyone else about a horrible experience with your company.


Create a Seamless Checkout Process

Once you set up a website, the next thing you’ll want to do is set up your online store. If you hate messy checkouts when you go online, think about how your customers feel.

There are a lot of online companies that can help you get the very best online checkout process, among them Wix, Go Daddy, and Square Online, to name a few.

You’ll definitely want to use a reputable company so you can get reliable results for your customers. If things get too complicated, customers will simply move on to another site, which means that you might lose their business.

Follow the KISS method — keep it simple, sweetie! — and make sure that your customers always receive a very convenient, fast way to get from shopping to checking out.


Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile

There’s no doubt about it; people are mobile these days. And with everyone glued to their mobile phone so much of the time, designing your online store to work with an efficient mobile application is a very smart move on your part.

Your mobile app also needs to work the same way that your website does. In other words, it needs to be always up and running, easy to maneuver, and fast when it comes to the shopping and checkout processes.

Mobile apps need to work because many of your customers will use them more often than they do your website. After all, mobile apps don’t do customers any good if the links are broken or the app is always down. For these reasons, you should always pay attention to the mobile app for your business.


Invest in Newsletter Marketing

Customers only remain customers when they’re not forgotten and regular contact with them reminds them that they are important. This includes a good newsletter, which is one of the best marketing tools you can use.

Newsletters provide valuable information for free to your customers and keep them informed or entertained. If you send them out regularly, your customers will feel important and they’re much less likely to forget about you!

And newsletters don’t always have to be about your main business. For example, if you’re selling life insurance, you can send out a newsletter about homeowners’ insurance because customers will need that information as well.


Promote Enticing Offerings and Discounts

Occasional or frequent discounts and sales mean a lot to your customers and if you include a coupon or some type of freebie in there, it means even more. There are numerous advantages to offering a discount, not the least of which is the fact that it can both attract new customers and get existing customers excited about visiting you again.

Indeed, sales, discounts, and freebies keep customers coming your way and the best part is that these methods are both simple and inexpensive on your part.


Conduct A/B Testing

Simply put, A/B testing involves two test marketing experiments where only one variable is changed. It is a controlled experiment that businesses use to test one of their products with one change in each test. This allows businesses to see which version of their product or service tests better with the public. If it sounds complicated, don’t worry because it is really very simple.

A/B testing is a very effective way to decide how to market your product and there is even software that helps you set up the test marketing. Whether you’re selling a retail product or some type of services, this type of testing can bring your business to a whole new level.


Utilize Social Media to Promote Your Products/Services


You cannot overemphasize the importance of using social media to promote your business. Nearly all customers will visit your website and/or check out your Facebook page so keeping them up to date is very important.

And social media doesn’t just mean your website. You also need to keep your various accounts updated as well, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and maybe even Pinterest, depending on your business.

Multiple social media avenues keep your product or service in front of customers and this goes a long way in helping to increase your customer base.

Whether you’re a clothing store, diner, or accounting firm, your social media accounts are a simple way to gain more customers.



Online sales are not that difficult to accommodate as long as you learn some basic tips and suggestions first. If you’re completely devoted to your online business, it won’t be difficult to spend time each day trying to make it grow.

The best part is that most of these tips and suggestions are inexpensive and not at all time-consuming on your part. In fact, they are very easy and most produce results more quickly than you think.

So if you’re serious about growing your online business, make sure that you start learning what to do to change that. If you devote time each day to your online business and follow these important steps, you’ll be successful before you know it.