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4 tips to stay productive while working from home

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During this unprecedented time, we cannot go to malls on Sundays, have a stroll with friends every Saturday, or go to the office to work during weekdays. Our daily routine changed. 

But with technological advancement, we can work from home without the risk of getting infected. Companies of any niche and type are now embracing a WFH setup. Here, employees are obliged to perform their duties and other responsibilities in the comfort of their homes. 

Working from home can help workers avoid transportation costs, reduce hassles, and save time.

But it is easier said than done. Some employees might have a hard time adjusting to this new work setting. Don’t worry! There are various ways wherein you can stay productive even at home. Some of them are highlighted below: 


Set a Nice Office Space 

set a nice office space

Since most of your relatives are at home, the distractions and interruptions will be challenging to deal with. 

While there are many things to weigh in mind, it’s perfect to set a nice office space, which can be tricky to achieve. 

The secret here is to find the best location. Instead of working in the living room, find an empty bedroom or basement. If there’s no extra space, your room might be conducive to productivity. 

Once you figure out the right location at home, your job does not stop there. It’s ideal to invest in the right desk, shelves, and storage. You can use your extra pieces of furniture to save some cash. 

After that, invest in a comfortable chair. Since you will sit on the chair for hours, an ergonomically correct and aesthetically pleasing seat is worth-it. 

That’s not all! Paint the walls with your favorite color. Make sure it is not too dark for your convenience. Plain colors are recommended and advisable. Also, don’t forget to buy the necessary accessories. These include high-speed internet access, network router, surge protector, printer, and more. 

Natural lighting is one of the factors you should not ignore. During the day, open your windows for natural sunlight. It is relaxing and can boost your concentration.


Limit Distractions 

limit distractions

Distractions are your number one enemy when working from home. 

You would be distracted when your phone rings or siblings chat with each other. 

As a result, you might encounter some trouble finishing your paper works. Then, you need to work at night to meet the deadline. You might get also be scolded by your superiors. 

But distractions can be avoided. Yes, it is complicated for beginners. Your hard work, patience, and commitment would pay off at the end of the day. 

To limit interruptions and be more focused, set priorities, and stick to it. A proper mindset is crucial. 

Other Ways to Eliminate Distractions

Play music. Upbeat songs can help you fight boredom and allow you to concentrate as easily as possible. 

Take a break. It is not advisable to work for hours without taking a break. You might get burned out and distracted. You can eat snacks, have some stretching, and talk to the people around. 

Deal with your phone. Turn off notifications and never entertain texts during work hours. Most importantly, avoid browsing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 

Finish tasks according to deadlines. You can work on tasks or projects according to urgency. 


Create a To-Do List and Don’t Procrastinate

create a to-do list and don't procrastinate

A to-do list is another important thing to stay productive while working from home. When done right, it can help you set priorities, let you carry over tasks, avoid repetitive & unnecessary behavior, bring structure to your everyday routine, reduce anxiety, and promote a better time management. 

While creating a to-do list seems easy, it is difficult to perform in reality. To make a better to-do list, use the right app, make two or more lists, add new tasks, and assign due dates. 

After writing a list, there are some temptations to procrastinate. More than 20% of individuals are said to be procrastinators based on research

According to researchers, over 95% of professionals procrastinate. While it is comforting to know that you are not alone, procrastination might affect your overall well-being. 

Tips to Overcome Procrastination 

Recognize that you procrastinate. Acceptance is crucial in overcoming procrastination. 

Adapt effective strategies. The secret here is to commit to every task, minimize distractions, and reward yourself, especially when you achieve something. 

Be disciplined. While it is all right to browse social media platforms during work hours, avoid them as much as possible. Once everything is done, you can surf the web whenever you want. 


Find inspiration From Others

find inspiration from others

Another tip for staying competitive and active at home is to ask for help from your colleagues. Don’t feel ashamed and afraid to ask for assistance from your co-workers. They are more than willing to guide you. 

If you have questions on how to set up a WFH office, feel free to raise it. Your colleagues are open-minded to answer all your queries and other concerns on time. If you have their phone number, call one of them. Alternatively, find time to interact with your co-workers on instant messaging apps or zoom meetings if possible. 

When you receive some constructive criticisms, don’t feel negative about it. Take it as a challenge to improve and become a better version of yourself. 

Whatever pieces of advice you get from your colleagues, you can make it as an inspiration. You can adapt their practices and incorporate them into yours to avoid pressure and some difficulties in the future. 

If you find a specific task difficult, don’t deal with it on your own. Share your thoughts with others and work as a team. Any complicated projects will be easier and more convenient than ever.


Wrap Up! 

Working from home is challenging for many. Staying productive is more difficult than you’ve thought. But a proper mindset is imperative. If you are committed to everything you do, you can avoid missing deadlines while enjoying quality results every day. 

If you experience a hard time for the first few weeks, it’s normal. It’s part of the process. But as days pass by, everything will be under your control. You can get tasks done on time. Plus, you will feel happy doing your job!