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If you’re working from home due to COVID or because that’s the way your boss wants it, you already know that your office needs to be well organized and neat in order to make it work.

 The office also needs to be comfortable because if it isn’t, you simply won’t be as productive.

Working from home always presents challenges even to people who are independent and used to working by themselves.

Nevertheless, if you’re just now setting up your home office, you might need a little assistance and that’s what this article is here to provide.

To start out right, you need to develop a checklist of items that will help you in your day-to-day duties.

Below are a few of those items.


Take Advantage of Electronics

It seems as though everything is “smart” these days, so why not choose a smart display organizer that does more than just keep you organized?

The Alexa Show 8 is a HD smart display that you can use with Alexa to do everything from adding to your grocery list to video calling someone and so much more.

This device allows you to look at your schedule, look at important documents, check on a baby in the nursery, and add or delete items on your to-do list.

While some people don’t like that you can’t change the format or the font of the clock, this is one assistant that most people seem to love.

Best of all, you can use it for both personal and professional use, which makes it very versatile indeed. In fact, there is really no end to the ways that it can make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you’re a disorganized person by nature.


Make Chores a Bit Easier

If your business is home based, you might wonder when you’re going to find time to keep your floors clean but there are easy solutions to that problem. For instance, the iRobot Roomba 675 will clean your floors as you work, allowing you to work without even thinking about your household chores.

The good news is that you can use it for pet hair and all types of floors, and you even get a remote control to make it super easy to operate. Some users have had trouble connecting it to WiFi but that is one of only a handful of complaints about the product. The Roomba 675 sells for around $180 and it is perfect for people who never seem to have time to clean, thanks to their jobs.


Don’t Forget About Your Health

Your health is important if you work from home but having a device such as the Fitness Smartwatch makes it much easier to monitor your heart rate, keep track of how much exercise, and many other chores that keep you right on track for your fitness goals.

Keeping track of your health has never been easier! And although there are some complaints about some of the apps not working correctly, most customers love it because it is easy to use and lets you monitor and keep track of tons of statistics so that you can feel better and stay organized day after day.

The smartwatch sells for around $180 and works with Alexa for extra convenience. It is great for business people on the go.


A Top-Notch Monitor Makes a Difference


When you operate a home-based business, the computer you choose is important. And if you have a large monitor, it is simply easier to get your work done.

One monitor — the HP 24mh 23.8-inch monitor — is not only large but very clear and has graphics that will make you proud to own it.

There are some complaints about some false advertising online but people love this monitor because of its graphics and its low price of around $110.

If you’re working from home, you might as well have the best computer and monitor, especially if you’re a newsletter editor or a graphic artist.


Your Internet Connection Must Be Reliable

If your Internet connection isn’t reliable, your work becomes much more difficult.

Make sure that your router is one of the best, such as the TP-LINK AC1750 Smart WiFi Router, which sells for a mere $60.

This is a wireless Internet router that works with Alexa, has parental control, and offers a VPN option. It is perfect for professionals who have small businesses.


Make Sure That Your Camera Is Top-Notch

Working from home means that you’ll need a good camera to go along with your computer. 

The one made by WYZE is a 1080p smart home camera that you can hook up to WiFi and enjoy live streaming and much more for your business.

You can hook it up to Alexa if you wish, and you can enjoy two-way audio and much more.

Although there are a few concerns about the security of the camera’s transmissions, most people love it because it is inexpensive at around $25 and because it delivers high-quality pictures and is very user-friendly.

It also offers nighttime vision, which makes it perfect for people who seem to work around the clock.


Always Keep a Good Power Strip on Hand

The Bototek power strip features a cord that is six feet long and has ten AC outlets to utilize. 

Most home-based jobs require a lot of outlets for your equipment and you’ll need a good surge protector to make sure that everything is working properly so your work doesn’t slow down.

In fact, when you think about it, a good power strip is one of the most important tools you’ll need in any office based out of your home, especially those professionals who have a lot of equipment for their businesses.



Unbeknownst to a lot of people, working from home has its challenges but you can easily meet those challenges if you make yourself a checklist so that you don’t forget anything important.

To work from home, you’ll need the right equipment most of all; although the items mentioned on this list do not include everything, they are a good start.